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School & Nursery Cleaning

We work with various local schools and nurseries providing daily cleaning. Our approach to cleaning in these environments is to be as flexible as possible. We feel that this is vital in delivering an effective cleaning service. We also invest in the latest machinery to make sure that our cleaning teams are efficient as can be but also leave the area clean sanitised and shinning.

An example below of our schools we clean. We invested in the latest scrubber drier machines to ensure this large hallway would be cleaned on a daily basis and left looking new.

COVID-19 has also meant that our cleaning regimes have had alter, as well as providing on site day cleaners we also provide fogging and electrostatic disinfection after hours to ensure the site has been sterilised and is ready for the next school day.

We have also acted as an agency and provided job specific trained staff that have undergone our own vetting procedures such as having CRB Checks carried out.

Please contact us to find out about hourly prices or if you would like us to come in a present you with a potential cleaning schedule.