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Pub & Bar Cleaning

Logicare has established long running relationships with many large breweries and bar chains. We currently service numerous pubs and bars within London. We understand that not all pubs have the same cleaning needs. Whether your pub is seen to be an older traditional pub or more of a modern pub we will present you with a cleaning schedule that will ensure that your premises is clean, fresh and makes your customers feel comfortable.

We know pubs like to open before midday and are often open till late at night, so we make sure that anyone that we employee is reliable and trustworthy so that they can be given a set of keys and clean the pub during ‘out of hours’. This is just one extra job taken off the manager’s daily tasks, leaving them free to concentrate on the customers and other areas of the business.

Many of our current clients also use Logicare to provide janitorial supplies and carry out twice yearly deep cleans of their carpets, kitchens, hard floors and weekly or monthly cleans of their windows.

Typical cleaning duties include: