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Restaurant Cleaning

Potential customers will make a first impression of a restaurant depending on its cleanliness. A restaurant that is seen to be clean and well maintained will encourage people to come in. Therefore, it’s very important to ensure that good quality food is served in a well-maintained environment.

Our employees will ensure that every part of the restaurant is cleaned thoroughly and that any spillages are cleaned up. The cleaning schedule will be completely tailored to the restaurants design and needs.

As well as offering daily cleaning to our clients we also carry out weekly cleans of the Kitchen Canopies. This means that oil build ups are prevented, and extraction systems are able to perform to their capabilities. Other than offering weekly cleans, quarterly or yearly cleans are arranged for cleaning of the ducting and fan systems, which are required for insurance purposes, once cleans have been performed insurance certificates are issued, which are guaranteed for a year.

Typical Restaurant Cleaning duties include: